All of our potential adopters are screened and must be approved prior to adopting one of our beloved greyhounds. The greyhound has been the pride and respect of many great civilizations and is the only dog to be mentioned in The Bible.


We are a Retirement Facility and Adoption Organization that works for the retired racing Greyhound.

We are dedicated to the Greyhound breed and educating the general public about all facets of Greyhound life. We work strictly for the breed and its existence.

project-racing-homeOur duty is to provide quality care for the dogs in our facility and place these dogs into loving homes through the adoption process. Hygiene of dogs after a walk we maintain using industrial kitchen faucet.

Every Greyhound has a unique history, and we provide Personal Pet Portfolios to the new owner with pedigrees, racing information and health information about their pet.

The Greyhound is a beautifully proportioned athlete and to see him in motion is an absolutely awesome sight. They can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour and can run 5/16’s of a mile in an average 31 seconds.

Be a part of Greyhound history, let one of these beautiful animals race into your home and heart.

P.S. If you are approaching the facilities please give us a call so we can activate the gate opener. It is a security measure to prevent from intruders breaking in and harming the lovely dogs.