These hounds are packed and ready for home!

Most of these dogs are between 1.5 to 5 years of age.

SY01022_ =cat friendly and/or small dog friendly

Homewa1 = the dog smiles or tries to smile

“The Boyz”

Adoption Application

Pitkin Avenue

“DUGAN” is a sweet by with some weird quirkeyness to him! He is very puppy like, loves to talk to you and plays like a big baby! This guy is pretty mature for age, he still needs some security…we give him toys to keep him happy! Doogie is not a doctor like Dr Howser was, but he certainly is the fun guy!




OCAS Mezcal“MEZCAL” is a 6 year old small male who is currently heartworm positive. He is an Orange County dog and is undergoing treatment for heartworms before being released from the kennel. His ideal home is going to be one where he can rest up for about 6 months. No running, no heavy activity, no long walks, just trips to potty and short walks would be best recovery. We will also do follow up tests on him to assure his health. Thanks To Dr. Deavan of PA for the donation of HW Treatment!


Thank you Audrey and Harry Lochansky!


Flying Hector

“HECTOR” came to us a rather odd duck! It has taken us some time to figure him out but he has really turned out to be a swell guy. He is rather on the smallish male side, he is what we call a petite male! Do not tell him he is little…it upsets him!!



Abita Phoenix

“PHOENIX” what a handsome boy! This guy is all about being “stylin!” He is a beautiful red and white boy, not overly large and has just a great personality which is rounded out by his slight overbite…which as we say, gives him character!



Vin Diesel

“VIN DIESEL” this was a fantastic dog, would love to place the rest of the litter when they retire…what a dog!!!

ADOPTED through Keystone Greyhounds!


Just Believe

Justin has a shorty tail but a HUGE personality! If you’re looking for a really mushy dog and dont have any cats…Justin is your man!



Kidd Ripley

Adopted to the Dickey family…which makes a family total of about 6 or 8 I think!!! ADOPTED!!!

Larry The Lurcher

Larry 7-05“LARRY” is exactly what his name is…a lurcher! For those who do not know what a Lurcher is, let me define….a lurcher is a greyhound and who done it and ran! many times depending on the cross, the dog will actually resemble a greyhound. In Larry’s case…he resembles a country singer from Kentucky!! Which is where we have traced him back to…Kentucky!!!!

He is such personality, he is such fun, he has some funky features but if you want a dog everyone will ask you about and a dog that is just too full of himself….give Larry a chance! He is approx 7-8 years old. He was an Orange County Recovery, he has been through a tough life. We have nursed him back to health…he has put on 25+ pounds and has been given a clean bill of health! This is one loyal, loving guy!

Kelsos Bullentin

Kelsos Bullentin Bam Bam 5-05BamBam is a big boy! He has huge ears to go with his huge body! He acts like a puppy although he is 4 years old. He likes toys, he’s pretty good after he tears one up…I think he realizes that the fluffy inside sticks to the teeth!!! He is cat curious and would probably prefer a home with no cats. Due to his size and energy he is probably better with kids over age 5.



Kazoo 6-05“KAZOO” This is a big boy but he thinks he’s just a small terrier! He is social, happy and very responsive to voice commands. He will be a very good agility dog. However, we do not know the reason for his retirement. Kazoo is great with kids and cats and also does fine with small dogs.

ADOPTED!! SY01022_



Kipper 6-05“KIPPER” is a shy boy who likes his stuffies in his crate. He reminds us of the kid in the Peanuts cartoon that needs his blankie to be confident. Kip would probably be better with another greyhound, but we think in time, just socializing him in the Pet world will bring his confidence level up. I still do not know his race name or much else about his history unfortunately.

ADOPTED!! SY01022_