Who’s in the kennel?

These hounds are prepared and ready for a home! Most of the dogs in our facility are between the age of 1.5 to 5 years.


“DUGAN” is a loving boy with an uncanny quirkiness to him! He is very puppy like, loves to be around you and even though he plays like a big baby, he is pretty mature for age but he still needs some security...we give him toys to keep him happy!

“HECTOR” came to us a queer fish! We took some time to figure him out but he has really turned out to be an excellent lad. He is slightly on the smallish male side, he is what we call a petite male! We don't tell him he's little…it upsets him!!

“PHOENIX” he's a handsome boy! He is all about being “

stylin!” He is a gorgeous red and white boy, not very tall. He has a great personality which is shaped out by his small overbite…which as we say, gives him character!

“LARRY” is exactly what his name is…a lurcher! He looks like a country singer from Kentucky!! It is precisely where we have traced him back to…Kentucky!

He is an amazing personality, he is absolutely fun to be with, he has some funky features but if you wish to have a dog everyone asks you about, a dog that is just too full of himself…. you have to give Larry a chance! He is approx 7-8 years old. He is an Orange County Recovery. He has been through a tough life. We have taken proper care and nursed him back to health. He has gained 25+ pounds and is absolutely healthy. He is a loyal, loving and fun guy!

BamBam is a big boy! He has huge ears to match his huge body! He still behaves like a puppy even though he is 4 years old. He loves toys and is pretty good after he tears one up as we believe that he realizes that the fluffy inside sticks to his teeth!!! He is cat curious and preferably be better suited for a home with no cats. Also, with his huge size and energy, he is probably better with kids above age five.

KAZOO” This is a big boy but he believes he’s just a little terrier! He is happy, social, and extremely responsive to voice commands. He will be a very good activity dog. Nevertheless, we do not have the information and reason for his retirement. He is famous with kids and cats and also does well with small dogs.

“KIPPER” This one is a shy boy who prefers his stuffies in his crate. Kip would presumably be better with another greyhound, but we also believe in time by socializing him in the Pet world will bring his confidence level up. Unfortunately, we don't have much knowledge about his race name or about his history.